Your Breasts After Pregnancy

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What French Women Know

We wanted to share this secret as soon as we could.

Its very common for women to notice changes in their breasts after pregnancy and nursing. Some of these changes might not be for the best. Stretch marks, softness, and a loss of shape are just a few of the complaints new moms have about their breasts.

Many women feel a huge loss of confidence when their breasts change after pregnancy. We’ve talked to many women who used to hide their breasts by wearing loose-fitting clothes. Some even try to cover their chest by letting her hair grow very long.

Millions of women every year even turn to breast enhancement and reconstructive surgery to try and get the breasts they want.

Most issues with breast size and shape are the result of the weight and hormone fluctuations you experienced while pregnant. This is a natural process, thankfully there’s a natural solution.

imageA combination of natural plant based ingredients have been used in France for years. Basically there are a number of herbs that have what are called “phytoestrogen-rich” properties. This is important because study at the University of Pittsburgh revealed there to be a connection between estrogen levels in your body and breast density[1].

Higher levels of estrogen and similar compounds mean fuller breasts. This herb blend is packed full of just the right compounds We combed over the internet and found a few companies selling these natural blends in the US and found some amazing results.

One study revealed that after taking a blend of these plants for just 6 weeks, women studied saw “Improvement in various key parameters on breasts appearance ranged from 81% to 94%”[2].

Not only does it seem to work, its safe. A study on the Government’s National Institute of Health website even indicates that these plants reduce breast tumors in mice[3]. Although we certainly don’t recommend you take them to treat cancer, it can be taken as a pretty good sign that these plants are healthy.

We did heavy research and our favorite supplier of this amazing herbal blend is Breast Actives

Breast Actives come from the same company that has been selling this product in France for years. Its an easy two step process. Simply consume one pill in the morning, and then apply the complementary moisturizer formulated specifically for those using natural breast enhancement methods.

New moms all over the country are learning about the wonderful effects of using nature to firm, tighten, and increase their busts. Once you’re done breast feeding make sure to order a supply of Breast Actives